Forged Staff


Chief Content Creator

Donna is the resident wordsmith here at Forged Fitness, weaving words together for your reading pleasure on our website and social media platforms.

Her experience and talent as a seasoned journalist, writer, and social media mistress allows her to give you a peek inside Forged Fitness and to get to know the skills and personalities of the gym’s experienced instructors.

She’s been writing since grade school creating short stories, poetry and essays on various interesting (and sometimes not-so-interesting) subjects.

Added bonus:  She – and her family- are part of the Forged Family. Donna can be found almost daily in the gym doing Crossfit and/or training in the Muay Thai Boxing classes. Her husband Ryan also does Crossfit and her 6 year-old stepson, Myles, takes the Youth Jiu-Jitsu and Youth Muay Thai Boxing classes.

“It’s easy to write about a subject you’re passionate about,” Donna says,” When you’re learning from people and training with people who are knowledgeable, patient and genuine it really has an effect on you. The trainers and the members are encouraging when you are struggling and celebrate your accomplishments when you succeed. It’s a lot like family. Of course I want to spread the word about Forged Fitness. Everyone should get the chance to experience such a positive training atmosphere.”

Outside of the gym (WAIT! There’s an outside?) Donna loves reading, writing (duh), bad puns, internet memes, tattoos, superheroes, cookouts, spending time with her family (at home) and her two rescue dogs Rizzo and Zero.