Jesse James Iversen Testimonial

"I’m Jesse Iversen. I’m 41 years old, and I’m Forged Fitness’ longest tenured member. I signed up during their grand opening demonstration on a Saturday back in December, 2005. I came from a background of body-building and training at a traditional “Globo Gym”. I wanted to do someth... Read More →

Jerad McDaniel Fitness Testimonial

"My name's Jerad McDaniel, I'm 33 years old, and I've been coming here for a little over 2 years. How did I get into it? I used to have a lot of headaches, and I had to go to a doctor to figure out what was going on. I thought I had a really serious sinus infection, but they did a lot of tests.... Read More →

Emmy Wood Jiu-Jitsu Testimonial

"Hi, my name's Emmy Wood, I'm 20 years old, and I've been coming here for 9 months. We originally got started, me and my best friend Lauren, because her brother is in the military. He did a Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu class, which got her interested in it. So we decided we'd try it. The second we g... Read More →

Sue Hess Testimonial

"Hi, my name is Sue Hess. I am 45 years old, and I am a mom of three. I'm a fitness instructor here at Forged Fitness. I've been at Forged Fitness since 2008, and it has completely changed my life.After having three kids, I obviously put on a lot of weight. I was very self-conscious about m... Read More →

Russ Wolfinger Testimonial

Hi, I'm Russ Wolfinger. I train here at Forged Fitness in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I'm 49 years old, I'm one of the older guys here.It's just an awesome place to come and train. I've really found Jiu-Jitsu to be a place where I can discover my inner self. I get a great workout. It's pretty mu... Read More →

Jesse Banda Testimonial

What's up guys? My name's Jesse. I've been training at Forged for the past year. Forged Fitness really changed my life. Everyone here wants to see you progress, they want to see you do better.I joined here, not sure if it was something that I wanted to get into. It definitely was. Jiu-Ji... Read More →

John “Country” Allen Testimonial

Hi, my name is John Allen. Everybody around here nicknamed me "Country", so that's what I go by. This is Forged Fitness, this is the place I like to train. I've been training here about 4 years. When I started training here, I drove an hour each way to get here for 2 years, until I act... Read More →

Maryam Ainolhayat Fitness Testimonial

High Five! Forged Fitness member Maryam Ainolhayat shares her personal testimonial about training with us, from the hands on coaches to the real sense of accomplishment you feel after each workout. The workouts are highly varied and the programs are for anyone looking to get in shape. Are you ... Read More →

Marques Jacobs 1 Year Transformation

When I graduated from college I realized that I needed to make a change in my health as well as my lifestyleand began working out.  I saw the movie 300 and was extremely impressed with the physique of the actors of the film so I researched for their workout regimen. At that moment that is when... Read More →

Kristopher Williams Testimonial

Thanks for the very inviting atmosphere at your academy this week. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I learned a few things from you and Roy, and had a fun and friendly roll with L.C.Your academy is what I wish many others were: serious, yet willing to train with an outsider without having... Read More →