Warm Up

10 minutes

Group Air Squats for a warm up.

Review Clean and Med Ball Clean.

Challengers work on med ball cleans.

7 minute EMOM
3 Cleans @65% each minute.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
Conditioning – short HIT intervals

Sleds/Row/Run (pick one for each 4 minute round)

4 – 1 minute rounds
30sec Moderate work (RPE 4)
20sec Moderately Hard work (RPE 6)
10s Very Very Hard work (RPE 9)

REST 2 minutes

4 Rounds
30s Hard Work/30s Rest (RPE 7)

REST 2 minutes

Rotate to next station.

Repeat whole thing 3 times, one at each station (row, run, sled)

Score is number of completed rounds – highest score is 24.