Forged Staff

Shawn Madden

Judo Instructor

Shawn Madden is a 3rd degree black belt sanctioned under USA Judo. Shawn started judo in 1986 at SUNY at Brockport under Dr. Sachio Ashida. He studied with Dr. Ashida for the next 18 years. Born in Japan, Dr. Ashida was the 1976 USA Olympic coach, 1984 Olympic referee and passed away in 2009 at the age of 85 as a 9th degree black belt. Shawn has competed and placed in all major competitions on the US East Coast and Canada. He was a coach at SUNY at Brockport, coached at UNC-CH for 7 years and is currently the judo coach at Forged Fitness in Cary. He is also Regional Referee and Kata instructor.