Forged Staff

Donna Natosi

Chief Content Creator

Donna has her hands in just about every aspect of Forged Fitness. She coaches the Youth Muay Thai program (her favorite way to spend Friday nights!),  fills in for her coaches when needed teaching the adult classes and is proud to be the only active amateur female fighter representing the gym. She also creates and organizes events for us and is the resident wordsmith here at Forged Fitness, weaving words together for your reading pleasure on our website and social media platforms.“It’s easy to write about a subject you’re passionate about,” Donna says,” When you’re learning from people and training with people who are knowledgeable, patient and genuine it really has an effect on you. The trainers and the members are encouraging when you are struggling and celebrate your accomplishments when you succeed. It’s a lot like family. Of course, I want to spread the word about Forged Fitness. Everyone should get the chance to experience such a positive training atmosphere.”You can catch her in most noon jiu-jitsu classes during the week and in either Muay Thai or Crossfit classes in the evenings and on Saturday morning.Outside of the gym (WAIT! There’s an outside?) Donna is a full-time journalist, rescue mom to two dogs, tattoo connoisseur, and can probably beat you at Name That Tune.