Forged Staff

Angela Pitts
CrossFit Coach

Angela has been part of the Forged Fitness family since the spring of 2007. Learning from the wealth of knowledge that the trainers provided led to her own improved fitness level and understanding. At some point, Angela decided that she wanted to share the vast knowledge with others and became a trainer herself. The rest is …[Read More]

Sue Hess
CrossFit Coach

Sue is a mother of three and a lifetime fitness enthusiast. She loves teaching both adults and kids. Her main goal is for people to feel like fitness equals fun. Sue Hess has always been active in sports throughout her life, competing in field hockey, basketball and softball. She was a Boston Globe All-Scholastic field …[Read More]

Alan Moore
CrossFit Coach

Alan has over 10 years of fitness experience, which include road races, military type endurance events, and other fitness competitions. His experience provides a wide variety in his teaching methodology, but his area of expertise is to push physical fitness and help develop the mental side – the combination of which generally results in vast improvements in …[Read More]